zakat al-maal

This Ramadan, your zakat al-maal will be passing the plate, ensuring that no one is left behind hungry. 

UMR's Ramadan projects are all Zakat eligible

Paying your annual charitable payment (Zakat) helps provide aid and assistance to those in need all over the world. Our projects are all zakat eligible, and help care for orphans and the elderly, provide food and water, deliver medical missions, and provide educational services to those in need. 

Calculate Your Zakat

Cash at home
Balance held in bank accounts
Resale value of shares
Merchandise & Profits
Gold & Silver
Property Held as Investment
Other Income
Total of Assets Liable for Zakah
Deduct Debts
Deduct Expenses
Zakah-Eligible Total
Ensure that Zakah-Eligible Total Exceeds Nisab
Your Zakah (0.025 x Zakah-Eligible Total)

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