The humanitarian and developmental problems facing Pakistan are numerous. 50.7% of the population is currently living under the poverty line which results in nearly 82.6 million Pakistanis facing food insecurity. In the area of healthcare, Pakistan has the highest ratio of first day deaths and stillbirths in the world at 40.7 deaths per 1,000 births. Although challenging in themselves, these figures as exasperated both by natural disasters and by conflict which have led to over 1.5 million people becoming internally displaced.

Orphan Sponsorship

There are around 79 million children living in Pakistan, most of whom are orphans. The decades of political turmoil and the aftermath of natural disasters have affected the lives of millions of children. Many widows simply cannot afford to send their children to school or take them to the doctor. In turn, poverty forces children to go out to work. With majority of the children in need of sponsoring never having attended school, UMR’s Orphan Sponsorship Program will provide orphans in Pakistan the support necessary to receive an education to help them reach their full potential. Your generous donations pay for food, clothing, education and medicine for all children.


Pakistan has some of the worst maternal health statistics in the world with both mothers and babies dying at a tragically high rate. UMR is supporting a Mother & Child Health Centre in Bagh Dhere, SWAT. This facility has been established to provide an essential Maternal and Child health services facility for a catchment population of 150,000 people in Bagh Dheri and the surrounding villages of Landi, Kala Kot, Asharai, Lalkoo Mainadam, Maydan, Sakhra. So far 10,000 beneficiaries have been assisted through this facility.


One big factor that prevents girls from attending school regularly is lack of sanitation facilities. They have no choice but to use the bushes where they often run the risk of being abused and assaulted. Also during their monthly cycle they have nowhere hygienic to go and therefore opt to stay at home, meaning they miss out on many weeks of school each year. UMR is working in seven girls schools in Pakistan as part of our school upgrade program. As well as refurbishing and equipping computer labs in a number of schools in Auolak Bhaike and Rajhana District Toba Tek Singh, we are also constructing toilet facilities in these schools. We are also constructing toilets in schools situated in Pindi Said pur Jhelum and in Gajar Gola.
We also supported the Pakistan Children Relief and Al Hikma Foundation in their efforts to construct the Al Hikma girl’s school in the South Punjab District of Mianwali. The specific area of Union Council Doaba, which has a population of 34,000 is one of the most deprived councils in Pakistan and access to education facilities is very limited.

Food Aid

UMR provides essential food aid to thousands of Pakistanis facing food insecurity. We support widows, orphans and elderly beneficiaries with food packs both in Ramadan and throughout the year.