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Join to help 1,000 blind patients regain vision by 2020

Imagine waking up and your vision is cloudy and every day it gets worse until one day you can no longer see. Not your family, loved ones, not even the simple things like your home or the sun shine in the morning. That can be the reality for cataract patients.

  • Every dollar spent on eye health in developing countries returns a FOUR-FOLD return on investment – The Fred Hollows Foundation and PwC 
  • The proportion of blindness due to cataract ranges from 5% in Western Europe and North America and 50% or more in poorer regions – World Health Organization

​Imagine there is a solution, but you do not have access to it 

We have the capability to help reverse this. We have the opportunity to be better together and together change lives for 1,000 people by 2020.

250 patients are currently on a waitlist for cataract surgery in Jordan. These patients are people in need who would not be able to get the surgery otherwise. Each surgery involves a highly qualified and experienced physician from the United States who partners with local counterparts in Amman.

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