Peaceful Family Project (Sudan)

In our plans to expand our outreach and advocacy efforts in local communities, UMR announced in 2015 a celebrated acquisition and merger with Peaceful Families Project (PFP). This transition is intended to sustain the work PFP has been conducting, while expanding the reach of PFP’s services to a broader audience.

Over the past 15 years, Peaceful Families Project (PFP) has been committed to building and supporting healthy Muslim families by increasing awareness of the complex dynamics of domestic violence. They have managed to accomplish this by facilitating workshops for Muslim leaders and communities, providing training and technical assistance for professionals, conducting research, and developing resources. Many have supported these efforts and achievements, including the highly sought-after ‘Imam Trainings.’ These trainings have provided a platform in which PFP trains hundreds of Imams and community leaders on the issue of domestic violence from both a religious, as well as a clinical, perspective in the United States, South Africa, and Sudan. These efforts reflect Peaceful Families Project’s unique position as the only Muslim voice combating domestic violence during national and international governmental and non-governmental summits and conferences. In 2015, PFP provided their services to 240 people and served as a strong launching pad for the new Advocacy and Outreach Department UMR plans to establish in 2016; where local community members, national volunteers, and university chapters are able to gain the necessary skills and resources to successfully campaign and advocate on the grass-roots level.