Pakistan Water Wells

Absolute inequalities are greatest in countries with the largest spread between the richest and the poorest, such as Pakistan for hygiene.1 Despite the access of 91% to improved water sources, but 88% of the water supplied is unsafe.2 In addition, the majority of the 25 million people not using a toilet live in poor rural households or insecure urban informal settlements.3 This makes them the most difficult to reach. UMR works closely with poor rural villages in order to address this equity problem as well as accelerate the rural communities to catch up with their 2030 SDG targets.

UMR’s funded project has delivered 93 modified shallow wells, open surface wells, and shallow wells to approximately 393,000 rural beneficiaries.

Below are most common examples of beneficiary feedback, indicative of general living conditions of the recipient population:

1. Hardships of in Getting Clean Drinking Water (Heat + Long Distance)

  • Context: Tando Muhammad Khan District is a district in the southern part of Sindh province in Pakistan. Summers are the hottest in Tando Muhammad khan. Due to climatic change there have been drought in Tando Muhammad khan due to which day to day activities have become unattainable. The poor community of TM KHAN had already submitted applications to Muslim Aid Pakistan Field Office for providing safe drinking water. The humanitarian team constituted a committee for conducting the survey to confirm the place and community concerns for which the applications are received. Muslim Aid Pakistan Humanitarian team scrutinized the applications and gave the priority for the most deserve one. After the survey we hired a vendor along with labours and a digging machine. We monitored and evaluated the work regularly until completion.
  • Testimony: The resident of Tando Muhammad khan expressed with gratitude that providing clean drinking water to the poor community is really praiseworthy services. He also added that before execution of this well the people were facing many hardships in getting clean drinking water by walking miles away and also there had been many problems.