Orphan Protection

Orphans and vulnerable children are under serious threat of health, education, and social exploitation. From 2015 until 2018 UMR served approximately 6,000 orphan beneficiaries who received assistance through monthly sponsorship programming. The programming assistance included a small cash stipend, clothing, health insurance, and seasonal food packages. This intervention acted as a preventative measure to keep children out of orphanages, early marriages, and preempt any health concerns that would otherwise remain untreated due to lack of funds or insurance. In total, over $1.3 million in cash was delivered to orphans in need across several countries.

Starting in 2019, UMR will evolve its Orphans Protection program to better suit the children we were serving and be more comprehensive of orphans and children facing adversity. UMR’s new Child Protection program will still meet the needs of each previously sponsored orphan while incorporating additional benefits to the orphan such as- vocational training, psychosocial support, health insurance, and health education programs. In addition, UMR will continue to distribute school supplies to orphans, comprehensive ‘Winterization Kits’ of heaters, blankets, and jackets to orphans and their families, healthcare to orphans in Bangladesh, water to orphans in Somalia and Kenya, and food and health education to orphans in places like Yemen and Jordan.