Charitable Bakeries (Yemen)

Charity Bakery – UMR, working with local on the ground partners, has completed the construction of one Charity Bakery in Aden. Construction has begun for another bakery in Hodeidah with planned expansion to Taiz and Al-Jawf. Ingredients are procured locally to provide food insecure families with basic staples in their diet. Families of concern are provided with voucher tickets which are brought to the bakery in exchange for loaves of bread. The project aims to serve 750 conflict and malnutrition affected families in 2019. Conflict in Yemen has left 15.9 million people- 53% of the population- severely food insecure. Security concerns have left international organizations unable to reach aid recipients which highlights the need to procure as many foodstuffs and ingredients as possible from local sources.

UMR continues to leverage fluid on the ground networks to reach families who lack the basic means to survive and ensure that lack of funds, conflict, or location do not stop people from accessing food.