Cataract Missions

Join us to help 1,000 people with cataracts regain Vision by 2020

  • Every dollar spent on eye health in developing countries returns a four-fold on investment
  • Cataract surgeries are some of the most impactful on a person’s quality of life and require no follow up visits to a doctor
  • Surgeries cost as little at $100-$200 per eye

Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness worldwide, accounting for nearly 20 million cases with nearly 5 million new cases each year. The majority of people with cataracts are found in the developing world due to a lack of access to adequate healthcare facilities or, more often, a lack of ability to afford this low cost surgery. UMR is putting extraordinary effort to reverse this alarming trend through its Vision 2020 campaign. We target patients in Jordan and Kenya and contract with local clinics to provide qualifying patients with cataract surgeries free of cost. Our surgeries have been 100% successful with no recurring complications. UMR has treated 311 patients in Garissa and Wajir Counties, Kenya and 105 in Jordan. Additionally, UMR has served patients in Bangladesh as well.