Today marks the 4th anniversary of the Yemen war.

The devastating war in Yemen has reached a crucial point: today is 4 years since its official start. Since the conflict began, Yemenis have faced indescribable pain and suffering. There are over 65,000 people living in catastrophic phases of famine, on the brink of death, and half of the country’s health facilities are inoperable during a time of the worst cholera outbreak in recorded history.

We’ve seen the faces of children dying from malnutrition. We’ve heard their cries and we cannot turn our backs on them. There are over 20 million Yemenis in need of food, and they need our help. We must act now.

UMR is responding to the crisis by escalating its humanitarian aid response in both food and healthcare. Along with its partners, UMR has already built 5 bakeries in Sana’a, Taiz, Aden, Hodeidah, and Ibb that are currently providing bread to thousands of Yemeni households in need. But we still need to do more. Yemen is the worst humanitarian crisis on earth, and your contribution is the difference between life and death. Won’t you stand with us, as we stand with Yemen?

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