Psychosocial Support to Children and Women in Jordan

The psychological stress due to living in a new environment for the children and parents is immense, since the people spent all their time inside of their crowded shelters. 140,000 Syrian refugees are residing at Mafraq where the conditions are not healthy: mentally, physically and emotionally.

The aforementioned information encouraged the UMR team to start thinking of a unique project that provides decent friendly centers which can add more value to the child’s life and lets them reclaim their mental and emotional well-being for a productive future. 70% of children are Syrian Refugees and the remaining 30% are Jordanian.

Through our Jordan office, UMR has provided 56 women and 40 children in the Al-Hussein and Al-Ashrafi camp with psychosocial support by integrating awareness creation through consultations regarding hygiene, harassment, feeling and emotion management, relaxation exercise and time management.

UMR also supports schools in refugee camps with adequate school supplies including pencils, backpacks, and other necessary school equipment.