Zakat Al-Maal

As we go through the holy month of Ramadan, striving to strengthen our Iman and our deeds, we continue to reflect on the blessings of Allah in our life. Ramadan is the perfect time to reflect on those fellow brothers and sisters around the world that are not as fortunate as us



UMR in collaboration with Human Appeal supported 1000 vulnerable and needy families from Az-Zarqa Governorate, Mafraq Governorate, Amman, Jersha and Ajilo areas by providing food packages and non-food items including nominal cash assistance to buy fuel gas.



In Bangladesh, Rohingya refugees no longer have a place to call home. In Yemen, parents can not feed their starving children. In Palestine, displaced mothers are trying to keep their children warm and dry. In Lebanon and Jordan, Syrians are facing their eighth winter in exile



Imagine waking up and your vision is cloudy and every day it gets worse until one day you can no longer see. Not your family, loved ones, not even the simple things like your home or the sun shine in the morning.