Our Chapters

University chapters are an integral and growing aspect of UMR. We mobilize and inspire the youth to create a positive impact in their community. We train and support the youth of today, to be leaders of tomorrow. Chapters all across the US support UMRs initiatives and programs, domestically and internationally. They work as a team to bring about change whether it be big or small. We currently have twenty-two chapters all across the US!

UMR Chapters are a great way for college and university students to get involved in their communities. Chapter members host a variety of events to support UMR’s programs both domestically and internationally.

Name: Azka Khan
Chapter: George Mason University
Name: Tammy Lu
Chapter: Georgia State University
Name: Abdul Ahad Khatri
Chapter: Georgia Institute of Technology
Name: Ayah Bedwan
Chapter: University of North Carolina in Charlotte
Name: Waleed Muhammad
Chapter: Temple University
Name: Salma Elkholy
Chapter: Rutgers University
Name: Hanan Fakhruddin
Chapter: Vanderbilt University
Name: Noor Nasser
Chapter: Johns Hopkins University
Name: Eden Absar
Chapter: University of Houston
Name: Juvariya Lat
Chapter: University of Texas in Austin
Name: Fares Easa
Chapter: New Jersey Community Chapter
Name: Fatima Masadeh
Chapter: New Jersey Institute of Technology
Name: Said Warsame
Chapter: Indiana University
Name: Afira Arshad
Chapter: Eastern Michigan University
Name: Dahlia Abdulsattar
Chapter: Missouri Community Chapter
Name: Abdelrahman Mansour
Chapter: Florida Atlantic University
Name: Ayesha Sohail
Chapter: University of Minnesota- Twin Cities
Name: Vaneeza Ali
Chapter: University of Chicago
Email: n/a
Name: Nada Galad
Chapter: University of Sciences
Name: Yesmin Abuzeid
Chapter: University of Delaware
Name: Abdallah Al-Haddad
Chapter: University of Windsor
Name: Noor Qureishy
Chapter: George Washington University
Email: n/a