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children under the age of five dying every day from treatable diseases such as malaria, pneumonia and diarrhea

1.7 million

people are dying because of poor sanitation and hygiene every year.

“Those from socially disadvantaged populations excluded from the distribution of global and national wealth are forced to endure the burden of inadequate healthcare, demonstrating an urgent need for practical action”


25Medical Containers Sent

UMR believes the greatest asset of any community is the people who call it home. Therefore any approach we implement leverage involves our wide network of community partners that consist of community authorities who are village, tribal, and religious leaders and grassroots NGOs operational in the places we aim to serve. UMR is able to alter its model to meet the needs of diverse and variegated populations. This includes contributing gift in kind hospital equipment to under resourced medical facilities in Gaza, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, among many others. UMR is also a strong contributor to the field of public and mental health through cross sectoral programs that intersect with gender based violence prevention, emergency response, and education. We provide psycho social support to Syrian refugees to ease their integration into their host communities of Jordan and cataract surgeries to remote communities in Kenya and Jordan.

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