Donate Your Car to UMR

Donate a car, truck, motorcycle, or RV to UMR and help give the less fortunate the opportunity to live a life free of poverty. Each vehicle donation helps UMR provide basic necessities to those in need, such as food, water, clothing, and medical aid. Make a difference today by donating a vehicle!

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Your donation could be doubled or even tripled by your employer

Did you know that hundreds of companies across the country match employee contributions to UMR? Learn how it works and see whether your employer will double the impact of the donations you’ve already made!

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Build a Cause by Being You

It’s easy! Use your passion to raise funds for clean water, child protection, or health care through an event, special occasion, or just because.

Create your own event, it could be wedding, Birthday or anything else

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Donate Your Stocks

Donate Your Stocks


With your help, we can do anything. At UMR, we strongly believe in providing individuals with the opportunity to give back to their communities and to communities around the world.

As well as having a national network of volunteers across the United States, we also have a database of professional volunteers who go out on our international missions both in response to emergencies and as part of our development programs. (Please note we only take professional volunteers on these international deployments such as Doctors, Dentists, Engineers and Firefighters.)

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UMR University Chapters

At UMR we are immensely proud of the fact that in 2013 we successfully transitioned from being a student led humanitarian movement to being a professionally staffed organization while maintaining our strong student movement roots.

UMR has a national network of campus and community based chapters across the United States. These are comprised of students passionate about community service and development. Chapters serve their local communities to make them a better place to live while also supporting UMR’s international initiatives through advocacy, youth mobilization, trainings and fundraising.

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