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Together for Orphans

Losing one or both parents is a child’s worst nightmare, but due to conflict, poverty, war, disease, natural disaster or accidents, it’s a heartbreaking reality for more than 140 million children worldwide1. Without the mental, physical, emotional and financial support from a parent, many orphans are displaced and struggle to live with dignity. They face unimaginable hardships and are often forced to quit school. Many children find themselves alone, afraid and in some cases, they become victims of exploitation or abuse.

Orphans Sponsored

Thousands of Families are waiting for your donation

For only $65/month or $780/year, you can help provide survival assistance to an orphan child.

UMR is sponsoring orphans in the following countries:
Bangladesh, Pakistan, Yemen, Kenya (Somali Refugees), & Jordan (Palestinian & Syrian Refugees)

UMR provides support to these orphans with monthly cash interventions that enable their access to food, shelter, education and healthcare. UMR also organizes periodic medical check-ups for orphaned children through qualified healthcare providers in their communities. In 2017, UMR provided monthly sponsorship support for 616 orphans in 9 countries.

UMR also provided one-off cash assistance ($105 each) to 1,388 orphan families to meet their urgent needs in Jordan in 2017.

Sponsoring an orphan can provide long-term security, food, shelter, education, healthcare and clothing for a child in need. When you sponsor an orphan, they become an integral part of an extended family and receive the opportunity to build a brighter future for themselves.