Afghanistan-Pakistan Earthquake Response 2015

On Monday October 26, 2015, an earthquake measuring 7.7 magnitude hit a remote north-eastern region of Afghanistan in the Hindu Kush mountains. Although the quake epicentre was more than 130 miles below ground, its shockwaves were felt throughout Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

Authorities have put the death toll in Afghanistan and Pakistan at more than 180, mostly in the northern and north-western regions bordering Afghanistan. In one of the worst cases, a dozen girls were reported to have been in a stampede as they fled their school building in the Afghan province of Takhar.

How are we helping?

Alongside IMANA and PKI, UMR is providing essential assistance to the homeless earthquake victims in northern Pakistan. 275 families are being provided with winterized tents this week and 1300 blankets have been distributed to date.

These essential relief goods are being distributed in the Chitral region, which has limited access during the winter season due to the terrain. Distribution has been done with the help of Pakistan Disaster Management Agency and the local authorities, including troops from the local garrison.

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