Shine a Light This Ramadan

There is much darkness in our world right now with daily pain, anguish and suffering.
2.2 billion people around the world are living below the poverty line and there has been a rise in those affected by conflict and natural disaster. Millions continue to flee danger, forced to leave their homes and families far behind.

Without your help we are unable to save these innocent lives who are struggling to survive every day. Join our hands again this Ramadan to serve humanity and create a significant impact in the lives of millions around the world!

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “Protect yourself from hell-fire even by giving a piece of date as charity.”


Gaza needs your help
After hail of rockets and airstrikes, twenty-three people have died in Gaza since Saturday morning (Palestinian Ministry of Health). Health officials also say that two infants, a 12-year old boy, and two pregnant women have been killed.This marks a sad and difficult start to Ramadan. Many others have lost their homes and have no access to food or water. UMR is distributing food packages for those in need in Gaza. $95 helps feed a family during the month of Ramadan. We need your help in the wake of these attacks to increase our work and meet the need on the ground.
Now is the time to give. Donate today! 

844 million people don’t have access to clean water.

UMR is providing solutions such as building water wells, hand pumps and distributing water bottles in cases of emergency.

Started in 2015, UMR’s well dig project has led to the construction of 225 hand pumps, water wells, and deep wells in Cambodia, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Current countries for well dig projects are Kenya, Somalia, and Pakistan.

Your donation will save lives this Ramadan. Please donate generously!


          Child Protection

UMR has launched a Child Protection program that will empower the refugee children living in camps in Jordan by providing coping mechanisms to mitigate trauma. Hamza Namira gives his subjective account of these camps after his visit in his touching music video, “ حكاية طفل” (Story of a Child)

To give immediate relief, UMR will be distributing kits containing school supplies, clothes, shoes, hygiene kits and toys to 1,000 children across 17 refugee camps in Jordan.




About Us:

UMR integrates our global partners’ services to provide comprehensive relief and development aid to under-served communities around the world. UMR accomplishes this humanitarian mission by blending advocacy, youth mobilization, disaster response, aid delivery, and empowerment through education. We believe that all people, regardless of race, religion, sex, or ethnic background, should have access to clean water, to healthcare, to earn a sustainable livelihood and to have access to basic social services. To be a world leader in uniting the relief and development services of partner organizations to assist undeserved communities in achieving the dignity of self-sustenance.

UMR History:

With your generous contributions, UMR has implemented nearly $275 million in aid to over 7 Million people worldwide.

Yet, there are still millions of people in need of support all over the world. With your generosity, we can work BETTER TOGETHER!

UMR is a trusted organization that ensures your donation will reach those who need it most!