Together for Health

Poor sanitation and hygiene kill an estimated 1.7 million people every year1. It’s one of the most significant threats to global health with up to 21,000 children under the age of five dying every day from treatable diseases such as malaria, pneumonia and diarrhea2. Those from socially disadvantaged populations excluded from the distribution of global and national wealth are forced to endure the burden of inadequate healthcare, demonstrating an urgent need for practical action3.

Medical Containers Sent

The right to healthcare isn’t a reality for millions around the world, leaving one billion people without access to healthcare each year4. More often than not, it’s the poorest of the poor who have the worst health, demonstrating how critical it is that proper healthcare be readily available on a global scale.

Chronic hunger and severe malnutrition is a leading cause of disease and death in underprivileged communities. Some estimated 101 million children under-five years of age are underweight and susceptible to the consequences of severe malnutrition5.

UMR provides hospitals and clinics with essential medicine, medical supplies and equipment. We work alongside other humanitarian NGOs to help them provide medical solutions at minimal costs. We have supplied medicine and supplies to a number of countries including Bangladesh, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Philippines, Nigeria, Bosnia and Chad.

UMR continues to provide medicine, medical supplies and equipment as well as primary health consultations and medicine to the needy communities in Jordan, Bangladesh (Rohingya refugees), Eastern Africa, and Yemen.  We also provide cataract surgeries to the elderly in Jordan, something that is so simple, yet critical and many people oversee.




Imagine waking up and your vision is cloudy and every day it gets worse until one day you can no longer see. Not your family, loved ones, not even the simple things like your home or the sun shine in the morning.