UMR University Chapters

At UMR we are immensely proud of the fact that in 2013 we successfully transitioned from being a student led humanitarian movement to being a professionally staffed organization while maintaining our strong student movement roots.

UMR has a national network of campus and community based chapters across the United States. These are comprised of students passionate about community service and development. Chapters serve their local communities to make them a better place to live while also supporting UMR’s international initiatives through advocacy, youth mobilization, trainings and fundraising.

Some initiatives that our chapters have lead include:

  • Fundraising banquets and dinners
  • Blanket drives
  • Domestic violence awareness
  • Movie screenings
  • Panel discussions
  • Charity Sports Tournaments (volleyball, soccer, basketball, bowling, and more)
  • General body meetings
  • Bake Sales
  • Awareness Tables
  • CAN-Paign, UMR’s annual canned food drive
  • National Day of Service
  • Cooking Competitions

To get involved with your local chapter please email one of the Chapter Presidents below. If you have questions about opening your own campus chapter, please email our Chapter Coordinator Aisha Hussain: [email protected]

Alongside our strong belief in collaboration, what stands us apart from others is our commitment to developing our volunteers and helping them become the humanitarian leaders of tomorrow.

American University:

Zinab Attai [email protected]

Arizona University:

Muawiya Sahin [email protected]


Tareq Alhonaiti [email protected]

University of Texas, Austin:

Mahrukh Yasin [email protected]

University of North Carolina, Charlotte:

Sana Khatri [email protected]

University of Texas, Dallas:

Nour Sharaf [email protected]

DePaul University:

Ymn Ghalyoun [email protected]

George Mason University:

Bilel Gdoura [email protected]

George Washington University:

Taiybah Hessami [email protected]

University of Houston:

Hafsah Hameed [email protected]

Eastern Michigan University:

Sebah Ghannam [email protected]

University of Michigan Detrio, Ann Arbor:

Moleca Ghannam [email protected] ; Sarah Akhtar [email protected]

Brooklyn College:

Iqra Nadeem [email protected]

Rutgers University:

Samaa Elbery [email protected]

Temple Univerity:

Hira Majid [email protected]

Triangle, NC:

Salma Rezk [email protected]

University of Illinois, Chicago:

Rowida Zatar [email protected]

University of Maryland, College Park:

Mahwish Askari [email protected]

University of Washington, Seattle:

Lena Ismail [email protected]

Virginia Commonwealth University:

Sana Ginawi [email protected]

Virginia Tech:

Shabaan Rana [email protected] & Ahmed Zuwawa [email protected]