On Monday May 14, 2018, The Ministry of Health (MoH) in Palestine has reached out to Humanitarian Organizations, including UMR, with information regarding the outcomes of the crisis taking place in Gaza. According to the MoH, medics and ambulances were amongst those that have been directly targeted, consequently impacting medical intervention. Based off the current data provided, 55 civilians were killed, including one medic. Some 2,771 people were reported injured, including 1,359 by live ammunition, with 130 people in critical condition. Additionally, five ambulances have been damaged, according to the MoH.

UMR believes that when being presented with emergencies throughout the globe, it is imperative that prompt action is taken in response. Thus, upon receiving news of the recent conflict, UMR responded by diverting two containers of medical supplies to Gaza that were originally being sent to Jordan. With cooperation from the World Health Organization and MoH, these containers were delivered successfully. With these resources, we are fortunately able to directly help several of those in dire need of medical aid in Gaza.

Historically, UMR has provided medical assistance to Gaza. The Organization also has access to 11 hospitals and 54 health clinics in Gaza. As a humanitarian organization, we are humbled at the opportunity to take immediate action in delivering the means to provide medical support to those who were affected. Through our emergency relief and developmental programs, UMR plans to continuously direct our efforts toward relieving the plight of those suffering across the globe.

Two boys are watching over their window inside their damage house