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Event: Serving up Kindness: A Night for Syrian Refugees
Time: 6:30 PM
Location/ Venue: George Washington University in the Continental Ballroom in the Marvin Center
About: UMR’s Psycho-Social Support Program for Syrian Refugees.
Cause: Raising Funds and awareness

What’s the problem?

The conflict in Syria has led to the largest refugee crisis, which devastated Syria and its people. Children currently represent more than 50% of the Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Children have experienced heavy emotional, social, and spiritual burdens associated with death, separation from parents and/or other family members, suffered injuries, missed years of schooling, and witnessed unspeakable violence.

About the PSS Program

UMR works to limit these effects on children by strengthening the coping mechanisms of children, their families, & communities.
This program aims to provide psychosocial support services to children and their families through different activities, life skills training, awareness sessions, and counseling in order to help them cope better with their environment and the society.


Read more about our Psycho-Social Support  program at umrelief.org/childprotection