Together for Education

Education is a vital human right with the power to advance social and economic development. It’s a powerful instrument in which an individual who bears the hardships of a war-torn region or growing up in the lowest socio-economic status; can build a prosperous future. Sadly, not every child has the opportunity to attend school. An estimated 476 million children and young people aged 3 to 18 live in 35 countries facing war, violence and other crises. Many of these young people are out of school with girls being 2.5 times more likely to be forced out of school than boys in countries affected by conflict1. In the past five years, funding requests for education in emergencies has risen by 21%, emphasizing the growing need for education funding in marginalized and displaced communities2.

Backpacks Distributed

Restricted access to a good education is an assured way of transmitting poverty and destitution from one generation to the next. Escaping poverty is achieved by giving communities and individuals the tools needed to improve their quality of life and build a secure economic future. However, more than 150 million children from age 3 to 5, still don’t have access to pre-primary education3.

Through donor-driven capacity development, UMR strives to recognize and fulfill considerable gaps in education aid. We aim to work alongside families to find suitable economic solutions and enhance the technical skills and expertise of our principal beneficiaries. We achieve this by implementing a more systemic approach to improving education by providing and administering tutoring both in the classroom and in the education ministry.

In 2017, at home our principal education campaign was Tutoring School Children and Adult Literacy in VA, United States. UMR provides tutoring support to over 200 students from the Ethiopian community living in Virginia.

The project aims to help children from low-income families discover their real potential and keep up with other school children in essential subjects such as math. By putting a strong focus on education, we help reduce poverty and promote gender equality and peace in areas that need it most. UMR also offers adults with limited English skills the opportunity to improve their literacy abilities through the use of informative books and educational videos.

In partnership with Center on America Muslim Philanthropy, UMR carried out a domestic project titled, “Building Capacity of Muslim Non-Profit Organizations” in Indianapolis-Indiana. This Capacity Building project successfully strengthened the abilities, skills and competencies of Muslim Non-Profit Professionals in the community by providing professional development support to their staff. This project consists of at least eight professional development webinars for Muslim non-profit professionals and will conclude in June 2018.