Domestic Emergency Response

UMR’s community outreach efforts under Emergency Response include educational trainings for disaster response/recovery, environmental health hazards, emergency preparedness, and hazard mitigation programming. Strategic areas of operations include distributing food and items to survivors, such as hygiene emergency kits, immediate health supplies, blankets/bedding, and providing assistance with other unmet needs of the community or populations affected. The UMR Emergency Response program also helps provide individual assistance by providing cash cards, disaster financial education, housing clean-up, and debris removal.

The UMR Emergency Response uses comprehensive fundamentals of planning to develop emergency operations and efforts in the areas of preparedness, education, response, recovery, and mitigation.

UMR Emergency Response Strategic Areas of Operation and Programs:

  • Preparedness: includes planning and preparedness activities before emergencies occur
  • Response: putting preparedness plans into action, response activities, sustaining life
  • Recovery: recovery activities, financial assistance for survivors, relief programing
  • Mitigation: prevention of future hazards, working to minimize effects, reducing harm
  • Education: training and educating the public and/or volunteers on areas of emergency response

Working under national preparedness policies for disasters or major incidents, UMR:

  • Conducts community-based planning that engages the whole community
  • Develops a response planning process that represents the whole community population
  • Engages community leaders, government, and the private sector in the planning process
  • Creates risk analysis and identify operational needs and resources
  • Prioritizes planning efforts to support the needs of survivors

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