Ramadan Food Pack We believe that every human being deserves the right to a healthy meal for themselves and their family. UMR food packages help families up to 7 individuals get healthy and nutritional diet. Zakat Al-Maal Allah has made Zakat obligatory on us for exactly this purpose, and to purify our wealth. Take this great opportunity! There is no better time to give Zakat Al-Maal than the month of Ramadan Orphan

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Pakistan Solar Water Pumps

Water, Environment & Sanitation Program Over a period of time, Water and Sanitation (WASH) has become the signature project of UMR, striving hard to ensure the provision of safe drinking water to rural as well as urban areas of Pakistan. Supported by various assessment reports, UMR recognizes that a vast majority of Pakistan has no access to safe drinking water. Even the urban centers of the country are no exception to this reality. Similarly, there are cities like

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Flour Campaign

As a result of the last 6 years of devastating conflict in Syria, millions of people are trapped in rapidly deteriorating circumstances, lacking even the basics needed to survive, like food, water, shelter, hygiene facilities and healthcare. The high price and unavailability of food means that many people have to walk or drive for long distances, which costs both time and money and can negatively impact their already poor health and stress levels. UMR is working with our

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Somalia and South Sudan Emergency Crisis

United Muslim Relief is launching an emergency relief force to get immediate help to the people of Somalia and South Sudan. Five million people are already in need of humanitarian assistance. Somalis and South Sudanese families are in need of food, clean water, and shelter. Four out of 10 people are in struggling to survive.  The sparse rainfall and fighting between militants are the main causes for the deprivation of the crop harvests and livestock herds, putting

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