How Your Donations Make Life For Others Better Together

Here at United Muslim Relief, our motto is “better together.” How do your donations make a difference when it comes to being better together? What does being together entail? Take just a moment and think about your family. Think about your husband or wife. Think about your children. Think about your friends. Aren’t some of your best memories of being together with the people you love? There’s a reason for that and it’s because the best moments in life are often the

Learn About UMR at the University of Texas, Austin

As you probably know at this point, one our favorite things to do here on the UMR blog is to highlight what’s going on in UMR university chapters. In this week’s blog, we’d like to celebrate a job well done by UMR at the University of Texas, Austin. What Has United Muslim Relief – University of Texas, Austin Been Up To? On September 18, they will be participating in the first Project Downtown of the year in order to make sack lunches

Curious About What We’ve Been Up To Lately?

Did you know that you can follow along with UMR on social media? As much as we love highlighting what we’re doing here at our Muslim charity right here on our blog, you can keep up to date with us on a more regular basis by following along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We absolutely love being able to connect with our supporters so easily and social media is the best way to do that. Plus you get to stay in the

Consider Partnering With UMR This Winter

Here at UMR, our Muslim charity is busy gearing up for winter. With summer getting further and further away in the rear view mirror and fall in full swing, we think that it is important to begin thinking about what the future holds for people this winter. While we are enjoying the crunching of leaves and the wearing of jackets, we’re thinking ahead for the winter because of the chill that we’ve noticed in the air. How You Can Help Our Muslim