Dental Relief
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The high costs of quality medical care make it nearly impossible for impoverished families to receive quality dental care. Even in the most affluent countries, tooth decay is the most chronic disease of childhood. It is five times more prevalent than asthma.

Symptoms including chronic toothache, eating complications, difficulty speaking and searing pain from dental abscesses interfere with routine activities in millions of people living in poverty. In the United States alone, socio-economically deprived children are twice as likely to suffer from tooth decay than more affluent children and are also more likely to be left untreated leading to further complications.


Dental Relief: USA

In the United States alone, socio-economically deprived children are twice as likely to suffer from tooth decay as more affluent children. Oral disease is the most common non-communicable disease. Its impact is significant in terms of pain and suffering related to impaired oral function (eating, speech disorders) and chronic toothache. This results in a low quality of life.

As well as regularly distributing oral hygiene supplies to homeless people nationwide, we are working with local community health centers to establish free dental clinics.

Dental Missions

Our dental missions aim to address the aforementioned needs of the population by providing dental care—preventative and surgical treatment—while educating the public on the benefits of maintaining excellent oral hygiene.

Can’t go? Contribute!

Examples of what you can donate include:

  • Hygiene Kit Supplies
    • Toothbrushes
    • Toothpaste
    • Mouthwash
    • Floss
  • Examples of Other Items
    • instruments (extraction, cleaning, surgical, etc.)
    • supplies (sutures, gelfoam, gauze, anesthetic)
  • Portable Dental Units

We’re looking for anything and everything that can be of use with dental procedures and all medical supplies. It is crucial that you include a detailed list of what is in your donation.