Jasmine Project

2.8 million people have had to flee from the civil war in Syria—nearly 4/5 of them being women and children. They have faced dramatic changes in every part of their lives, particularly involving their roles in their community.

For women, life as a refugee has meant becoming the primary breadwinner and caretaker, fending for themselves and their families, away from their communities and traditional sources of support. The majority of Syrian women in Jordan are skilled in handicrafts, clothes, school uniforms, soaps, and cosmetic creation and recycling.

UMR has sensitized its network with the private sectors, youth, and social entrepreneurs to come together and cooperate for creatively contributing to solving social and economic challenges among young/ women groups in Jordan.

UMR’s Jasmine Project is a way to empower women economically through skills development and entrepreneurship training. UMR’s goal is to teach women how to turn their abilities into marketable skills that will allow them not just to survive, but to prosper. 225 women will be benefited directly from the Jasmine project, aged 18-50, 80% Syrians, and 20% Jordanians from Amman. Hotels and private sector agents will benefit from the project. 1,125 family members of the project will benefit indirectly and other 10,000 customers who will purchase Jasmine products.

Jasmine’s goal for the future is to build more capacity of its staff and accredit its courses, develop a website, and e-marketing and visit some international exhibitions to promote Jasmine’s activities as a women-led company. Besides, expanding its portfolio and employs in business development and value chain staff and train 500 new women.

Jasmine’s trainings are not limited to community women but its targeted youths in universities and schools during summer on professional crafts and handicrafts. Jasmine is a well-known facility through Airbnb application for the capacity building where foreigners come internationally to join, learn, and buy during their vacations in Jordan.

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