Donations: Partner with UMR to Help Syrian Refugees
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15 Jan Several contributions have been made to help Syrian Refugees



We are overjoyed to report on the many significant contributions that have been made to the lives of so many Syrian refugees and other poverty-stricken families in the regions of our current projects.  Here is an update of the important work your donations have allowed us to carry out this month.  


Along the border of Iraq and Syria, Jordan


With your generous support, UMR has been working to improve the food security status of vulnerable families in Jordan. This project focuses on desperately needed food and care packages for each family. We are working in the Dafeny Camp to reach 72 families living in some of the harshest living conditions located between the Syrian and Iraqi border.

Your donations have gone towards helping Syrian refugees, along with other poor Jordanian families, totaling 686 people who cannot access essential supplies such as hygiene supplies, baby formula, and diapers for children. Families within the Dafeny camp also received fresh fruits and home care kits to help support their well-being.  


Along with providing food packages and winter kits, UMR also delivered firewood to the families in the Dafeny camp to fuel wood-burning stoves. This project supplied a month’s worth of firewood to each family. The wood-burning stove serves two purposes (1) to allow families to prepare meals and (2) to bring warmth to the tents where the families reside.


This UMR project provides supplies to Syrian refugees that are living in difficult rural conditions, along the Jordanian / Syrian Border. Our key concern is the resilience of vulnerable children and youth to climate impact during the winter months.

With your kind help, we have provided winter clothes (coats, gloves, hats, boots and blankets) to 2538 adults and children (4 to 6 years) and youth (7 to 16 years) in the rural communities in North Jordan to help them to survive the harsh weather conditions.