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Welcome to United Muslim Relief

At UMR we believe everyone has a right to live free of poverty in a secure and more equitable world where they are able to realize their potential.

Although inspired by our Islamic ethos, we are open-minded and pluralistic. We believe that all people, regardless of race or religion should have access to clean water, to healthcare, to earn a sustainable livelihood and to have access to basic social services.

We try to achieve this goal through delivering sustainable programs, educating the public, running campaigns, advocating for change and delivering humanitarian aid in disasters and conflicts. Climate change alongside shortages in natural resources, famines, humanitarian crises, energy limitations and proliferation of conflicts mean that now more than ever, collaboration in the field of international development is needed. We therefore work with diverse partners to tackle some of these mounting challenges.

Alongside our strong belief in collaboration, at UMR we believe strongly in giving back to our volunteers and to the numerous communities that support us. Through investing in our student led chapters nationwide, we strive to develop tomorrow’s humanitarian leaders.

Please check out our Better Together campaign that showcases four excellent relief and development programs that you can contribute to. With only 4% of our expenses last year being spent on administrative costs, UMR remains one of the best investments for your donation to relief worldwide.


Patients benefited from our medical donations to Ghana and Chad


People in Palestine have benefited from our medical donations


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